UX Design

Deloitte x SCADpro

Miro Board
10 Weeks
Project Overview
SCAD is collaborating with Deloitte to work on a research project during the Summer. I work with a team under the guidance of Deloitte Services to assist in the research and development of concepts for utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enhance the overall human capital experience.
My role at the team was a researcher to study the human resource (HR) system in the Federal Government. I worked with other teammates to create system map and service flow charts to figure out the relationships between different elements within the HR system and how they influence each other. We further identified key potential areas how government to can apply AI to the HR mechanism.
I'm Sorry! :(

The details of this project are under NDA so I can't not disclose it. If you wanna hear more, please send me an email please. Thank you.

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