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Final Cut Pro
10 Weeks
Project Overview
For partners of pregnant women, bonding with their child starts only in the delivery room. We believe in helping families bond from the beginning of pregnancy.The Bond ecosystem of products – Bump, Partner, and the Bond app – uses the fetus’s vitals and movement to create an interactive digital twin of the fetus in the metaverse. Bond supports two-way communication with the fetus, creating a tangible experience with the unborn child for stronger emotional connection with both parents starting from pregnancy.
My role
My role in the team was a visual designer. I was responsible for most of the design work including logo, UI design, Packaging, Presentation and the vision video.

A research shows that 89.62% of the population become parents.

18 out of the 20 of us will become parents in the future

The Problem

Bonding between the mother and the fetus starts at an early stage, but there are no opportunities for the partner to bond with the baby until it is actually born.

Many fathers often don’t have the same love-at-first-sight experience with their babies as mothers do, in part because they don’t have the same experience of pregnancy.

How Might We...

Create an emotional connection between the fetus and the partner of a pregnant woman while encouraging bonding for the whole family?

What We Needed

1. A device to record data (heartbeat and vitals)
2. A device to display the data
3. An AI system to interpret the collected data.
Research Questions

What we want to know

1. How did people perceive a replication of their baby’s heartbeat?
2. What shape and form should each of these devices take?
3. How do people want to perceive the fetus?

“Definitely the chest, because the baby will be in my chest, the chest is the heartbeat place”

The wrist feels too exterior, I want it closer to my body (points at chest)”

“The arm would be more subtle but the chest – it’s like it is echoing throughout the body”

“I like the arm feeling wise, but I emotionally feel it more here (chest)”

Initial Research

Heartbeat Placement Test

We brought a heartbeat vibrator and interviewed 23 students. We asked them "if you could feel your baby’s heartbeat in real time from this device, where would you want to feel it?"

Initial Research

Colours and Emotions

As we aimed to build an emotional connection between the fetus and the parents, we conducted a small exercise with a few student to figure out how to better present emotions through shape and colours.

It's not surprising that people prefer to use warm colours to represent high energy and cool colours to represent low energy. In terms of shapes, people more associate excitement with shapes with more sharp edges, while they associate calm or low movement with shapes with more smooth edges..

About BOND

Bond is an AI assistant that uses the fetus’ data to create a digital twin of the fetus in the metaverse through an ecosystem of products.

Bond allow parents to interact with the fetus virtually, providing an alternate bonding opportunity for partners of pregnant women.

Bond is intended for...

1. Partners of pregnant woman looking to bond with the unborn child
2. Preganant woman in their mid second trimester (20 weeks) to third trimester

Bond can also be for...

(1) Partners in the military or far away from the fetus for long periods of the pregnancy. (2) Other family members or close circles who are looking to bond with the unborn child. (3) Families who hired surrogate mothers.

The BOND Ecosystem

Bump is placed on the stomach, tracking the fetus’ movement, heartbeat and size.
Partner Projects a hologram of the fetus while simulating the hearbeat of the fetus when held in the palm.
View a digital twin of your child on the Bond app, send voice notes and connect with your child from the beginning of pregnancy through voice.

Hologram Video

Hologram is the technology that we wanted to incorporate with the partner device which users can see their virtual baby real time. We used after effect to create a simulation and showcased it in the class.


Logo Design

Our logo is designed with two "D" shapes and they are overlapped which represents the connection among a family. Also, the shape of logo symbolizes the belly of a pregnant woman. The overall design is sleek and minimal as we wanted to build an elegant brand that targets upper middle to high income family.

Product Design

UI Design & The Rendering

Product Design

Packaging Design