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4 Weeks
Project Overview
U:IN is a candle store that offer DIY candle making workshops and sells homemade candles. The business owner was looking for a logo to launch their business. I was hired to be their logo designer to direct the branding strategy and design the logo.
Design Process

The Brand Story

When the client shared the story behind their brand name "如煙" ("U:IN" is the homophonic of "如煙" in Cantonese), she shared it is from Cantonese song 不來也不去 "Not come and not go" by a famous Hong Kong Singer Eason Chan.

The word "如煙" is from a sentence in the lyrics — "如煙因給你遞過火" 。 They envision their products will help people to reflect and recall the significant events or experience in their life. When people burn the candles, the smell from the candles will not only help them recall their old memories but also create a new memory.

Design Process


After a several times of discussion, we confirmed to pick the first design as the key direction and keep exploring different variation. I adjusted the font size and corner to find the perfect version. I also added some details for the Chinese word to make it more unique and personal.

Design Process

Finalizing the Design

After reviewing all the variations, I made a final adjustment. I decided to connect the words "如" & "煙" which I tried to add the movement so that it looks like a smoke going up slowly.

Design Process

Name card Design

When I designed the name card, I first identified one key symbol as the branding element. I explored it with lines (smoke) and the shape of the candle flame and discussed it with the client. Finally, we decided to use the fire flame shape for further development.

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