The Big Fat Pea

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
1 Day
Project Overview
The concept behind is to create a "Big Fat Pea" cartoon to represent to brand. After looking for different online reference how to draw a pea, I decided to draw a chubby and love-eating pea. The pea is holding a bowl and chopsticks which looks like he is waiting for the tasty food. 

The purpose of using the illustrative style for the logo design is to create a "chill & fun" image for the brand. Since green is the color of healthy and peaceful, I picked the colour to make a balance and evoke the feeling of energy passion.    
Design Process

The Concept

Considering the logo is for a home-cooking business, I want to create an illustration that can represent Pea and Food. I sketched out my ideas on my sketching to explore the design style.

At the end, I decided to draw multiple peas to symbolize "family" with the pea pod as a "home". Then I turned fat pea as a cooking mama who hold a chopsticks and a bowl cook to represent the cooking part.

Once the art direction was confirmed, I digitalized the logo and refined the details on Illustrator.

The final design
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