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Project Overview
In 2021, my first university The Open University of Hong Kong announced that the university will be retitled as "Hong Kong Metropolitan University". The university was looking for logo design ideas for its retitling and hosted public design competitions for everyone to submit their work. As an alumnus, I always look for opportunity to contribute back to school so I joined the competition and designed a new logo for the university.
Logo Design

The Concept Behind

To me, the retitling does not mean a new beginning but rather a new chapter of the university, so I kept the original shape but transforming it from 2D to 3D with a modern style. I also created a 3-dimensional illusion with overlapping shapes as I hope the university can always stay flexible in the fast changing world.

Design Process

The new design should Focus on "M" and "City"?

I also considered that perspective in the early stage when I did brainstorming and created the drafts. Just I ended up choosing another perspective to present how I see the new identity of the university.

As an alumnus, I have a strong connection with the old logo design. I think it successfully built the brand identity for the university. Therefore, I had a personal preference that I didn't want to create a big change to its visual design that makes the logo looks very different.

When I read the word "Metropolitan", I associated it with the feeling of a city rather than the look of it. I wanted to put the focus on "flexibility, modern and diversity" instead of creating the shape of skyline or buildings. That's why I used a more abstract way to present my idea.

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