East Wood Health

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
4 Weeks
Project Overview
青木堂 East Wood Health is a Chinese Acupuncture Clinic in Hong Kong. I was hired to design a logo for their brand to launch their business. This was the first project that I adopted the Chinese Calligraphy style to create a logo design.
Design Process

Identifying the Font

As it is a traditional Chinese Medical business,, the client has a strong preference in having a font that can represent the Chinese culture. I spent weeks to research and explore different way to create a Chinese font.

First FOnt Design

The "Song" Font

I based on the Chinese Font "宋體" (Song) to design the first font for the client. The strokes are think and straight which aims to shows a confident and reliable image. However, it looks too formal and solid which lacks of a living spirit.

Second Font Design

Chinese Brush Calligraphy

TO make the font looks more alive and aesthetic, I changed to another direction to create the font. I decided to just the Chinese Brush Calligraphy to create the font and the outcome was impressive. With the dynamic thickness of the stroke and more curved lines, the font looks much more living than the first design and we decided to keep this style for the brand.

Design Process

Design the Logomark

After we confirmed the font design, I started working on the logomark design. 木 ("Wood") in Chinese can associate with trees so I started the concept with exploring different tree-related elements such as a wood house, leaves and mountain...etc.

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