Delia Memorial School(Hip Wo No.2 College)

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
4 Weeks
Project Overview
Delia memorial school(Hip Wo No.2 College) wanted to renew their logo and I was invited to work on this rebranding project.

Logo Redesign

Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo No.2 College) had been using a logo designed by its students for years. They wanted to improve the design with a modern style.
Design Process

First Designs

The first two designs I created were based on the design of the original logo. I kept most of the elements such as wing, leaves and torch but making the entire logo looks more young and modern. However, the school's feedback told me it looks like a traditional school logo and not innovative enough. And they requested to keep "HW2" (Hip Wo No.2) in the logo.

Desgn Process

Final Design

I designed another version on the logo. This time, I used lines to draw the shape and the design is a combination of combined the torch and book. The school name "HW2" is also included in the design. The overall design style is sleek, simple and modern which aim to reflect the value of innovation in the school.

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