D2B Consulting

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
8 Weeks
Project Overview
D2B Consulting Company is a startup offering corporate trainings and workshop of design thinking. The owner was looking for a logo and name card design for the company's social media and website. I was hired as a logo designer and I designed the logo and name card with a branding guideline.
Design Process

Mood Board

As the client gave me a high flexibility to design the logo without any specific request, I started with thinking about what kind of startup "D2B consulting" should look like. I spent time to research photos about young startup, creative workshop or desktop setup...etc I used these photos as a guide for me to design the tone and colour choice for the brand.

Design Process

The Brand Name

D2B Consulting company is too long and after seeing other consulting company's brand name such as BCG, Deloitte, pwc, I suggested using "D2B" as the brand name so people can easily remember it.

The Concept

Every idea starts on one sticky note

To me, sticky notes are always the basic and necessary tool for idea generation. For the logo design, I wanted to incorporate the stick notes element in the design.

First Design
The logo focuses on the "D" Letter and it is placed on the stick note. The client like the colour and the design style, but she preferred to use "D2B" instead of D for the logo mark since D is incomplete to her.
Second Version
I included "D2B" as part of the logo with some simple geometric shapes so there is no logo mark or font. Everyone is combined as one logo. The client loves its clean and modern design. However, the word D2B is now often misunderstood as "ID2B" and every words are bold which looks too heavy.
The Concept

Final Design

Based on the feedback, I modified the design. I adjusted the spacing and the thickness of the text strokes to enhance the hierarchy and readability.

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