Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
4 Weeks
Project Overview
Co-FUNDer is an initiative project running by a group of university students who are passionate about social innovation. It is a platform that helps social enthusiasts to turn their ideas and aspirations into reality through crowded funding. The team was looking for a logo for their brand and I was invited to be their logo designer. This project was on a voluntary basis but it was my first time doing logo design for other people.
Design Process


During the meeting with the student team, we identified "crowdfunding" and "collaboration" as the key concept direction for ideas exploration. I spent time to browse and research different images related to those two terms. I also looked for some logo design ideas online for my reference.

Design Process

First Draft Designs

I tried a couple of ideas for the first draft design:

I tried to draw a "mouse" combined with the "O", emphasising the way that people can share their innovative ideas with the world by one click.

I also tried to use "U" to draw a bottle and turn "CO" into two coins to represent a crowdfunding platform.

I also tried to draw two people with "o" & "e" and connect them together to show collaboration. I tried many ideas but I didn't like any of them.

Design Process

Second Draft Designs

I adjusted my approach and tried to create a design with a more simple but modern style. For my second draft designs, I focused on the "collaboration" element. After listening to the feedback from the team, I created four other logos with an abstract and minimal design.

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