Rapid Prototyping

Wood Crafting
10 Week
Project Overview
I would like to share the works I did in my industrial design class in 2020. It's an amazing and super fun experience to learn to "make stuff". As a UX designer, we always learn to create things digitally but we seldom have opportunities to make things physically. The course is definitely a great learning practice for me to sharpen my craftsmanship skills.
As an individual project, I generated all the design concepts and digitalize them on Rhino and prototyped the products with different materials including papers, pink foam, CNC, acrylics board...etc
Project one

Phone Docking Station

From conceptualization to the prototyping stage, I experimented different materials to create the prototoypes. Through this "trials & errors" process, I learned that it is extremely valuable to create things by our owns hands. As we can touch the materials and move around the prototype, we can better review our design in a more comprehensive way.

Project 2


We used 3D printing with acrylic board to make a stationary organzier.

Project 3

CNC Sign

We made a wood sign with a CNC for our personal branding.

Project 4

Phone Case Design

We used 3D printing to create a phone case.

Final Result:
Project 5

Packaging Design

As the final project, we need to create a package design for the phone docking station.

Other Fun Projects