Making a Cube

Adobe Illustrator
1 Week
Project Overview
This is my third project of the graphic design class. We were asked to explore the dynamic forms and shape of fonts and we need to work on it in 3D dimensions. We need to make a cube and place the letters in its surfaces to create different compositions.
This project was fun but also challenging! The most challenging part for me is to cut out all the letters in which I had to pay extremely attention to ensure the craftsmanship is perfect. I love the idea exploration process as I can freely arrange the compositions to discover any interesting layout. With a lot of practice and experiments, I think now I have a stronger sense on lines and negative space and I look forward to applying them to my future works!

Font Selection

I chose Franklin Gothic URW Demi to do this project. It is a Sans-serif font. Compared with the serif fonts such as Clarendon URW,  Sans-serif fonts have a more simple shape without much details. I chose to use this font as I wanted to discover what interesting compositions I could make of these simple lines and shapes.


Exploring Composition

I used illustrator to play with the font and come up with different layouts. When I made my designs, I put 6 artboards together to make one layout instead of creating the designs individually.  I did that as I consider the flow and continuation as the key elements for my design.

9 Layout Designs:

Making the Cube

After I finalized the direction of my composition, I started making the cube. I used the 6 pieces method to create the cube with illustration boards. Before I worked on the illustration boards, I used A4 paper to make a quick trial first.


Converting the layout from a digital version to a printed version

Once the cube is ready, I printed out the letters with the same size that I used on the illustrator. I cut them down and use glue to stick them on the cube. Based on my design, I placed the letters one by one to make sure they are on the right positions. During the process, I made some small adjustments to finalize the work.

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