Fluxathon 2021

1 Day
Project Overview
FLUXathon is a 24 hour design challenge where SCAD students (any year, any major) can team up to create an awesome project in just one day. This year, they partnered with Smithereens, a smash room business that provides locals and tourists alike the opportunity to vent while smashing locally-sourced items in a fun, safe, and inclusive environment.

Since there are a lot of wastes will be produced after the activity, the owners wanted SCAD students to use those materials to make something creative.
Our Design
We used glasses and mug to create an artwork named "reborn". It was inspired by the Chinese old saying "Growing out of mud, the lotus blooms pure and untainted." The broken glasses represents our their frustrations, and the flower is our soul. Through the artwork, we want to send a message tell people to destroy the frustration and reborn the soul, through a smash room.

Work in Progress

Final Work

Other Fun Projects