A Cup of Stress

Processing (Python)
Adobe Illustrator
1 Week
Project Overview
This is a small animation I created at my interaction design class. We need to use python to make an animated pattern. For this exercise, I want to create an animation that expresses emotion and I designed a cup of stress! It's a very interesting and fun to use coding to make an interactive animation. I hope you will like it!
I handled all design and technical development of the project from concept generation, visualizing the design on illustrator and coding the interactive animation with Python.
Phrase One

Ideas Generation

I started with searching reference photos in Pinterest. I looked for different simple animations or gif for reference. As "stress" is the theme of my work, I also searched some illustrations about stress.

I also took reference from their colour choices too because emotions are usually linked with colour. During the research phrase, I got a lot of inspirations from the artwork of a Taiwanese motion graphics designer and animator "Min Liu".

Phrase THREE

Digitalizing the design

I used Adobe Illustrator to create a draft before doing it on processing. I used some simple shapes to create the face and experiment with different colours. During the process, I further develop the idea to create a coffee cup with a human face.

Concept Behind the animation

Pouring coffee to a cup with a human face

I aim to create short animation showing the process of pouring coffee to a cup with a human face. The face represents me that I am under stressed and I want to drink coffee to stay focused. However, no matter how much coffee I pour to the cup (me), it never works but making me more annoyed and my eyes, ear and nose turns red.

Phrase five


These are the functions I used for creating the animation.

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