Editorial Design

Modular Typeface

Adobe Illustrator
Final Cut Pro
1 Week
Project Overview
This is an individual project of my Typographic Class. I was tasked to use simple geometric elements such as squares and circles to create various modular typefaces. And then I needed to expand our design to develop a completed alphabet and design a specimen to present our work.

Sketches of Ideas

Firstly, I used the grid provided by professor to start sketching out my ideas. During the process, I found that using grids in different sizes is very helpful to develop my ideas. I used the simple 5x4 grid to draw the simple shape first. And then even i find the shape is interesting, I will convert it to a more complicated grid (6x5 & 10x10) to create different variations and choose the best one to further develop.

My research references:
3 Completed Alphabets
Work in Progress

Refine, Refine & Refine...

After the critique session with my classmates and professor, I finalized my design and make sure the design of each letter are consistent.


Thumbnails of Specimen

After I finished the typeface design, I started working on the specimen. I spent some time to look for reference  and inspiration on Pinterest and thenI sketched out my ideas on papers.

Final Deliverable

Digitalize the Specimen Designs

Based on my sketched layout design, I used Adobe Illustrator to visualize it with further amendments. The following are my final 6 designs.

Lastly, I picked my favorite one and created a short animation to introduce it to my friends!
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