Editorial Design

Bind a Book

Adobe Illustrator
2 Weeks
Project Overview
This is my final project of the graphic design class. The project focuses on the traditional functions of typography to integrate information, create legibility, sequence, lend ‘voice’, and bestow credibility. We need to design a book for an essay/text we chose and asked to be more creative and expressive in this project than in previous projects. As the final assignment, we are expected to apply all the techniques and skills we learned in class through out the quarter.  
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Content Development

We started with the research about the text we want to put in the book. I choose one of my favourite book "Steal like an artist" by Austin Kleon for this project. I extracted the first two chapters as the content to develop my book. After that, I went to the library to borrow some books for my reference to design book layout.  

My research references:
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Finalizing Layout

Based on the comment and feedback from my classmates and professors, I finalized the layout and the typeface selection. I chose a serif font "Le Monde Courrier Std" for the main body text and a san-serif font "Niveau Grotesk" for heading and title. I also adjusted the spacing, scale and compositions for dramatic usage.

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